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Custom Synthesis

We specialize in custom synthesis and it is an important part of our business. We synthesize drugs, intermediates, reference compounds, metabolites, analogs and a wide range of rare organic chemicals in the lab. Our Lab scale quantity varies due to the nature of the process but we can supply from gram scale to Kilo scale as per customer’s specifications. Our staff is capable of handling difficult synthetic assignments and providing high quality, on-time, and confidential services. We are developing an inventory of compounds that are not readily available elsewhere, and appreciate suggestions from you about products that we might offer.


Custom Synthesis Procedure


We offer you the following inspection documents accompanying with high quality products:
Our services are described below in greater details:
Quickly Reaction
High pure level products
Competitive price
Timely delivery
Complete inspection documents
Strict Confidentiality:
We Promise to keep your entrustment to us in secret. If necessary, we can sign a relevant contract.
For more information and inquiries please send an e-mail to [email protected]